Friday, 12 August 2011

Battletoads & Double Dragon soundtrack: SNES vs. Megadrive

I’ve recently been listening to some of the Battletoads & Double Dragon SNES soundtrack pretty obsessively (God knows why, maybe I’m pregnant), but it was only today I bothered to seek out the Mega Drive/Genesis version of the game’s music. Carumba! What a difference. Evidently the two machines’ soundcards were worlds apart when it came to quality/fidelity. The SNES sounds like a decent quality boom-box; the Mega Drive like a swarm of angry, shrieking metal wasps (not that that's a bad thing). Compare these examples and marvel at how not all 16-bit games consoles were created equal…

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Stefan Mayer said...

Yeah, the Mega Drive was infamous for its lack of quality sound compared to the SNES.

One curious exception was Street Fighter II as the arcade had similar sound hardware. While the arcade's sound transferred over to the Mega Drive loosing only slightly, the SNES's sound had to be rearranged from scratch. The result was a mixed bag.

One of my favourite SF sounds is Ken's stage and indeed the Mega Drive version seems better as it has a lot more punch.